I know $30 is not a lot of money. It’s a rather symbolic amount. At the same time, I do respect your time don’t want you to do this completely for free. By writing an inspiring post on your space profession, you can spark an interest of many young people and actually make them want to work here. And this is what we all want – an increased interest of the young generation in exploring space. Whether you are an engineer designing cutting-edge propulsion technology, a programmer writing a code for a satellite guidance system or a manufacturing technician, we would love to learn more about your job.

How Does It Work?

1. Contact Us

Start by filling out the form below. This will take you less than a minute. Shortly describe the subject you would like to write an article on and click Send.

2. Review

After receiving your message, I will review your suggestion and send you a 1-page guideline regarding the tone of voice, style and formatting.

3. Write

You then write the article of around 1,000 words on your chosen subject and send me the copy as well as any associated media (pictures or videos).

4. Publish

I will read your article, format it and add any pictures or other media. Your article will then be published it on spaceprofessions.com and let our fans know via social media.

5. Payment

You will receive your $30 reward via PayPal. Do you prefer a different payment method? I’ll see what I can do.

6. Re-post

Feel free to republish the article on Linkedin or social media. This way we have a wider reach.

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What’s In For You?

 Your article will help promote space exploration and can get the readers interested in space careers and space exploration.

 You will establish yourself as an authority in your area of expertise alongside other space professionals.

 Spread the word about your organization. You can mention your organization (whether profit or non-profit) and describe what makes it differentiate from the peers.

 Get a $30 reward. We know this is a symbolic amount, but we can’t ask anyone to do this for free. Treat yourself with something nice!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does spaceprofessions.com make money?

Yes, although at the moment, it’s negligible. We place advertisements into our posts to offset our hosting and development costs. We also earn a small affiliate commission for each click on our job board. This website is far from being profitable and we build it in our free time.

What are the future plans for this website?

There are many ways this website might develop. At the moment, we have one goal – attract authors that will contribute valuable content about careers in the space industry. As the traffic grows, we plan to reinvest the revenue from ads to spread the word about space exploration. We are open to any suggestions regarding this.

Aren’t there too many career sites already?

There are many websites offering career advice and information. But till now, none of them specialized in the space industry. At the same time, the space industry is growing and we do think that it will become more relevant for humanity than ever before. And we also believe that specialized websites serve their audience better than the ones that contain general information and try to serve everyone.