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Welcome to, the fastest growing and the most up-to date online resource about space careers in the U.S.

The space industry has fascinating future ahead. Companies and governments develop new rockets and spacecraft, plans have been announced to colonize Mars and a number of private space companies are putting a great effort into developing new technology, from fully reusable rockets, to refuelling stations on the Earth’s orbit.

We think that the space industry will experience a boom in the coming years and that boom will create a plenty of new jobs. Yet, today there are few resources online that tell you how to actually get into the space industry. The information is scattered all around the internet, often ambiguous and unreliable.

That’s why we sat down and combined our interest in space, our passion for writing and web design and created

We Have 3 Goals

1. Get More People Excited About Space

Talent is crucial for every industry, but the space industry is a special case. We’re here to get that future talent wanting to work in space.

2. Bring Transparency to The Industry

There are so many ways to get involved in the space industry, both in public and private sector. We aim to inform future professionals about all the opportunities out there.

3. Help Everyone Reach Their Career Goals

We want to provide the best career advice specifically tailored for the space industry and help each individual attain their career objective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t there too many career websites already?

There are many websites offering career advice and information. But till now, none of them specialized in the space industry. At the same time, the space industry is growing and we do think that it will become more relevant for humanity than ever before. And we also believe that specialized websites serve their audience better than the ones that contain general information and try to serve everybody.

Where does your content come from?

We write all of our content ourselves. It involves hours of research, double- and triple-checking the information. We source information from books, other articles and conduct interviews with industry professionals.

How does SpaceProfessions make money?

We earn affiliate commission for each click on our job board. Soon we plan to add some advertisements too (and we hope to do it in the least annoying way possible).

Why do you write only about careers in the U.S. space industry?

The demand for space industry professionals is largest in the U.S. and that’s where most of the private space companies are located. We do however plan to expand our scope beyond the U.S. at some point. Stay tuned.

Can I write for you?

Yes. If you are a professional in the field and would like to write about your job or offer useful career advice, we’re more than happy to cooperate. Drop us an email using our contact form.

I have a remark or something to add to your content. What can I do?

Use the comments section below the article. You can also contact us directly and if your input is useful, we will add it to the article.


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